Jesus Is The Answer Ministry


Mission Statement

Our mission is to build a fellowship where people can connect with God thereby finding salvation and hope for a better future on earth and for eternity.


Vision Statement

Our vision is to build this fellowship by reaching families in our community. To train leaders, see people get saved, healed and delivered from the power of darkness and spread the gospel throughout the world.


History of church background:

      The Pastor and his wife are devoted Christians who attended church regularly and prayed diligently. It was after a personal tragedy and many prayers that they received the calling from the Lord to form their own Ministry. Each had a separate calling, with Pastor Sonny being directed towards a bible passage and his wife having a dream that was the power of God. A preacher from Montreal prophesized the same dream that his wife had. Thus the Ministry was formed in April 2000 and now operates out of a rented space at 25 Channel 9 Court until their vision of owing their own building comes to fruition, Jesus Is The Answer Ministry is independent of any other church affiliations, the Pastor and his wife Angela are graduates from the International School of Ministry (ISM) who is credential through Canadian Christian ministry (CCM) for marriages


Belief System (Trinity)

  1. We believe; in the Trinity, the Father, the Son and the Holy Ghost
  2. We believe Jesus is the son of God
  3. We believe in Water Baptisms By Immersion
  4. We believe in the Old and New Testament in its entirety
  5. We believe in the Birth, Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus Christ
  6. We believe in Salvation



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